Meet Dizzle

My name is Wanda Masake Sokutu, but you can call me Dizzle. What i am is the product of oNosisi and Tamsanqa Sokutu; my loving parents. Who I am… well… im still figuring that out too; that being said i am not the best tasting cocktail on the menu, however, I am amongst the most memorable. I have an abstract, but great sence of humor, an ubundant passion for life, even though sometimes I don’t know what im doing here; and a heart ment for love. My favourite story of my childhood, told by my mother, happened before I was born. I have only heard this story once and it was at a crucial point in my life were I did not have a clue what I am doing on this earth. Trying to find MY purpose; which im still working on but after that story I have a clearer direction. When nestled in my mother’s womb, in the first stages of my evolution, the tests and scans showed that there was an embryo but no indication of life; there was no heart beat of any kind or signs pointing to one. Which meant that she would have to abort me. This, as you may imagine, put my mother in a flat spin of emotions. This was her first child and he or she wouldn’t make it. So after two weeks of weeping and struggling with the decision that she had to make, she made the appointment. And like any mother, before resorting to something so extreme, she asked the doctors to do one more scan, look one more time… and there I was… B-boom… b-boom… making my presence known. My mother likes saying that I have always been lazy, haha, always taking it easy:-) I fought to get here, so there must be a reason im here right? I am part of a typical nuclear family. My younger sister (who i love to bits) and I are the only kids at home. Typical we may be, but normal we are not. I’ll get into that later. I got the nickname Dizzle sometime in highschool from my friend Simon. It was first Wandizzle and was later shortened in mid laugh were that Wan- couldn’t come out, and it stuck. haha I know this not much, but this is only the initial intro. My name is Wanda Masake Sokutu, but you can call me Dizzle


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