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Time for change

This piece was inspired by a classmate’s response to the question posed by our radio lecturer: “do you think South Africa is really ready for a female president?” the girl responded “no!”, she went on further to say “women are too emotional and we need less emotional people running this country…”

Now, I’m not one who has much political interest further than equipping myself with knowledge that will give me an informed decision come voting time, but I found her point of view interesting in its irony… South Africa is an emotional country that is trying to move passed emotionally trying times (aparthied). You may disagree but if you look closely, a lot, if not most of the decisions made in this country, for this country, are emotional driven. It’s part of the reason our politicians behave in the manner that they do… unruly in debate situations, less than straight forward when asked direct questions etc. It also forms part of why people remain “loyal” to our current ruling party, the ANC… There is an emotional attachment passed down from generation to generation to those who never even saw the horror of the former regime… born into “the new world.”

So, would it be the worst thing to have an emotional and intelligent woman, with emotional intelligence (which is one of the better qualities that I feel more women have than men), run our country and take it to the next level? I really don’t think so, in fact a part of me believes that it is exactly what we need.

Imagine how easy it would be to change your vote if elections were held each year, giving opportunity to all political parties who feel they can make a difference. Unfortunately a year doesn’t give enough time to hear what a political party has to offer, witness it being implemented, reap what is sown and give feedback as a nation.

My vote this year is not going to be cast because I’m in anyway pissed-off or annoyed and the current standings of the country under the rule of the ANC, my vote will be cast as part of the vision that our late father Nelson Mandela had which is a country that is not afraid to demand better and do what they can to get it. It’s time for someone else to take the reigns, in the global scheme of things it’s trial and error that will move this country to where it wants to be as a whole.

Another classmate of mine commented that “a vote for ANC is like being in an abusive relationship, complaining about it, and still going back”.

At some point something has got to give.

Happy voting…

-Call me Dizzle


While you were sleeping… I was dragging a dead cow

Love this kind of humor

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image Tuesday is normally when I post my riveting investigative journalism feature — at least compared to watching TV static — called The Box . Then again, normally I haven’t spent the early hours of the morning on the scene of a car accident involving a cow. Such was the case this morning at 2 a.m., when my pager went off next to the bed and, five minutes later, I was behind the wheel of a wailing fire engine with a crew of five wondering, Did I hear that call correctly?

Moments later, medics were on scene reporting over the radio that the driver was out of the car with only minor injuries. Though not audible, there was a collective sigh of relief by everyone in the engine. That’s because, in most cases, getting tapped out in the middle of the night for a car accident usually means rolling up on…

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Let’s move in so that we can move on

I am at an interesting juncture in my life. I have reached the time when one moves in with the love of her life. There are situations in the world that are so difficult but this is in fact, my greatest obstacle yet.

I have discovered that love isn’t truly tested by issues of trust or the like. Oh no, I have learnt that the disappointment I feel when I open the fridge expecting to find the juice that I had saved for later gone becomes a common feeling; that the dishes get washed but not the pots; that the laundry gets washed and folded but not ironed.

My realisations may seem petty but they are relevant obstacles. We are meant to experience challenges however it doesn’t mean they are easy to accept. All these events (the ‘gap’ in the fridge, the laundry, the pots) have propelled to this single thought. ‘Can I move on from this?’

The problem my generation faces is that moving on is coined as a term in which you leave all things behind. However, I have a different view. In order for you to appreciate your situation, no matter what it is, you must fully accept it. I admit! I have not completely grasped this concept.

You can look at this literally and figuratively. I have physically moved in with the love of my life, but I later realised that my soul needed to join the household. When this happened, this is what I discovered.
There isn’t a more beautiful feeling than waking up next to the reason I wake up everyday… Sharing a meal is more than just satisfying to the stomach… Saying sorry becomes more than just an apology.

I encourage you to realise that moving on from difficult situations require you to move in. Fully, completely and willingly.

-Call me Mrs Dizzle (Tebogo Maneli)


A lil’ slice of heaven

My love for sandwiches, like any other passion was fueled by a need… A need to have better…

Many years ago as a youngster in primary school when the smelting pot of integrating schools was happening, it was white people that created this need. More specifically, it was white kids’ lunches with their perfectly cut and composed sandwiches that always made my grated ham and cheese combination feel like less love was put into my eating pleasure. Black people know exactly what I mean. The white kids’ sandwiches always looked like they came straight out of a catalog, accompanied by a box juice, maybe some fruit and a sweet or savory snack. The envy alone could make a young black boy look at his own mother funny.

The introduction of lettuce was the turning point in my awesome creations and future eating pleasure. That little splash of green that adds a refreshing crunch… Grated ham and cheese turned to slices, brown bread turned to white then later to what is now dubbed “best of both”… I was in heaven, and like any type of heaven you wanna have on earth, you gotta build it; choose what goes in, leave out what should stay out and recreate it any and every time your “tank” is feeling empty. Heaven will always vary in size, shape, colour and texture. The one thing to keep in mind is that as long as its created by you, with all the experimental and creative licenses in the world, you will seldom go wrong with your finished product.

I think my lady has it easy. Dinner can be reduced to a couple slices of good bread, toasted or not, a meat base and the almost crucial TLC (tomato, lettuce and cheese)

This passion will one day be shared with the world in the form of a business. But for now, its jus my little slice of heaven.

Call me Dizzle



A man shouldn’t have to stamp their “manliness” with the bottom of their fists on the foreheads of “weaker” men, women and children. It is the programming of ages that has left men believing that the fragility of others is reason enough to claim superiority; forgetting that fragility tends to mean that the value is higher and one should handle with the utmost care.

Manhood should be celebrated as part of our existence by all who exist in it.
Given the power in this lifetime, being a man from the age of 21 and older would be instant celebrity status. Young people would greet you on the streets, ask you to sign things and lingering waves would follow you everywhere you go, accompanied with a proud smile, jus because you are man.

Woman of age would be praised as gods, with people instinctively becoming submissive in their presence. Greeting with a bow and avoiding eye contact until they allow you with a gentle raising of the chin as a sign of mutual respect.

As much as that world will ever exist, a key without a door or lock to open is useless.

-Call me Dizzle


HAPPY 2014


Personally, I am glad 2013 is behind me. The kinds of sharp ups and downs in 2013 were enough to break any man.
When it comes to plans, I have come to the practical conclusion that they are nothing but positively reinforced guidelines, leading you by the hand on your road of purpose
The kind of stress that comes with not being able to stick to one’s plans because of change in circumstances seemingly beyond one’s control and some within that control, is an unnecessary part of what living should be, in my opinion. What 2013 has taught me is that if you are not prepared for change on a mental and emotional level, you end up being a victim of circumstance rather than being a conqueror. In the long run it is easier to expect things to go wrong or change than to believe that nothing will go wrong or change… Plan B becomes an effortless step away from the hindrance, keeping your momentum to greatness.

For my 2014 resolution, I decided to keep it simple considering all of the unnecessaries that have happened. In 2014, I resolve to make it to 2015. This past year has proved to be one that tests every kind of limit to its limit. Whether it be the tolerance for alcohol, friends, family, plans, and even love. “When everything 
changes, change everything”, the title of one of my favourite books. Written by Neale Donald Walsch it has encompassed my need to cope with change and all the aspects that come with it.
A new year can be a restart button to the life you live. At the same time for others it is just a continuation of a life prepared for. If it wasn’t apparent to you, the human race has lost a lot of people last year. Especially during the “silly season” that has just passed. If life isn’t the ultimate goal at the end of any goal you have… then all is lost. I understand that a lot of you are resolving to lose weight, stop smoking, make more money, generally be a better person and have a better life, which is great. I also understand the depression that comes with not making any of those things happen because you either gave up or you were forcibly detoured. At the end of the day, striving for something will never mean that only one road will take you there. The journey to life’s end should be nurtured by one’s self and those around you; making it very important to have the kind of people in your life that will add that kind of value.

I also learned being right is not always the right thing. Some things should be let go; for your sake and for those whose life you share. Not caring is not the 
answer, rather, make something else more important, like someone else’s feelings for example.

In 2013… I boo all the political silliness, I boo all the relationships (friendships, romantic, family etc.) that actually stood a chance but weren’t fought for, 
I boo all the social network terrorists thinking because they can’t be touched they can say anything to anyone. I boo those who had love and destroyed it.

I welcome 2014 with open mind and arms. For me, it has stopped becoming about the right start, it has now become about a good start. This year started with 
this refined notion of love:


Love gives purpose,
love paves direction,
love is beneath the surface of all joyful reflection.

Love brings clarity,
Love builds pride,
love really is the best thing you could ever feel inside.

Love is an awakening,
even when you sleep,
love is the best reason behind why one would weep.

Love IS purpose,
even when derailed,
love is the boldest full-stop behind the detail.

If love was tangible,
Its feel would be indescribable,
even in doubt, love is the one thing that remains undeniable.

What love is, is a measure of being,
and what love does, is the epitome of what seeking is to believing.

I am love,
truth be told,
my love is in existence as long as I am old.

Love is essential,
like words to a meaning,
love is the mental and emotional agreeing.

Without love,
one is an empty vessel,
something that can’t transform moments into a single mega pixel.

love is to be shared,
to all you can find,
love is the reason by which life should be defined.

I leave you with this,
be in love with love,
the kind that affirms the level that is… with something above.