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My Best Friend’s Wedding (Best man’s best wishes)

Mr and Mrs Manyaka

Mr and Mrs Manyaka

Without a need for a fancy title, my best friend got married this weekend.
Saturday the 22nd of March marked the acculmination of a dream that Jesse Manyaka had some years back,
entering university as an eager student of life and his chosen study field.


I sometimes think back on the kind of woman that he always wanted to marry, and though the list of requirements was
small it was nothing short of significant. I wont say that Ayanda Manyaka(Jesse’s wife) fit exactly into this description,
however, believe me when I say that when he met her he threw the list out the window. My understanding was that
she already possessed the fundamental things that he was looking for and she also possessed qualities that he never knew he
wanted or needed.As a man of God and a believer of fate, who was he to fight the decision that his maker had made to place
this lady on the path of his life’s’ journey?!



I could talk about how beautiful the wedding ceremony was (which it was), and i could talk about how beautiful the
decor at the reception was, both at her family’s home and his(which it was)… But what I want to talk about is the feeling that was imprinted in my heart when seeing two young people, who I love, look at each other with that look that says “we are finally here, baby…”. There have been a number of times when i have seen Jesse that happy, to name a few;
When he met Ayanda, when his favorite soccer team (Manchester United) wins and when he gets lost in a good time with
good music playing in the background… and when I watched him atop the alter preparing to profess the necessary
understandings to his future wife before he said “I do”.


From the first kiss, till death do they part.

That kind of happiness is attained only by those who choose to be that happy by doing the things that would ignite that
kind of fire.

My Friends, i am a colossal believer in your love and what it will accomplish on this earth. Take these next steps with
balanced togetherness and nothing will ever be able to overwhelm you. I have watched you both grow as a couple of
individuals and individuals in a couple. Your union is blessed, and all those who were privileged enough to be part of it, i’m sure feel as I do… honored.


I love you both and wish you all the best.

– Call Me Dizzle


Let’s move in so that we can move on

I am at an interesting juncture in my life. I have reached the time when one moves in with the love of her life. There are situations in the world that are so difficult but this is in fact, my greatest obstacle yet.

I have discovered that love isn’t truly tested by issues of trust or the like. Oh no, I have learnt that the disappointment I feel when I open the fridge expecting to find the juice that I had saved for later gone becomes a common feeling; that the dishes get washed but not the pots; that the laundry gets washed and folded but not ironed.

My realisations may seem petty but they are relevant obstacles. We are meant to experience challenges however it doesn’t mean they are easy to accept. All these events (the ‘gap’ in the fridge, the laundry, the pots) have propelled to this single thought. ‘Can I move on from this?’

The problem my generation faces is that moving on is coined as a term in which you leave all things behind. However, I have a different view. In order for you to appreciate your situation, no matter what it is, you must fully accept it. I admit! I have not completely grasped this concept.

You can look at this literally and figuratively. I have physically moved in with the love of my life, but I later realised that my soul needed to join the household. When this happened, this is what I discovered.
There isn’t a more beautiful feeling than waking up next to the reason I wake up everyday… Sharing a meal is more than just satisfying to the stomach… Saying sorry becomes more than just an apology.

I encourage you to realise that moving on from difficult situations require you to move in. Fully, completely and willingly.

-Call me Mrs Dizzle (Tebogo Maneli)