A lil’ slice of heaven

My love for sandwiches, like any other passion was fueled by a need… A need to have better…

Many years ago as a youngster in primary school when the smelting pot of integrating schools was happening, it was white people that created this need. More specifically, it was white kids’ lunches with their perfectly cut and composed sandwiches that always made my grated ham and cheese combination feel like less love was put into my eating pleasure. Black people know exactly what I mean. The white kids’ sandwiches always looked like they came straight out of a catalog, accompanied by a box juice, maybe some fruit and a sweet or savory snack. The envy alone could make a young black boy look at his own mother funny.

The introduction of lettuce was the turning point in my awesome creations and future eating pleasure. That little splash of green that adds a refreshing crunch… Grated ham and cheese turned to slices, brown bread turned to white then later to what is now dubbed “best of both”… I was in heaven, and like any type of heaven you wanna have on earth, you gotta build it; choose what goes in, leave out what should stay out and recreate it any and every time your “tank” is feeling empty. Heaven will always vary in size, shape, colour and texture. The one thing to keep in mind is that as long as its created by you, with all the experimental and creative licenses in the world, you will seldom go wrong with your finished product.

I think my lady has it easy. Dinner can be reduced to a couple slices of good bread, toasted or not, a meat base and the almost crucial TLC (tomato, lettuce and cheese)

This passion will one day be shared with the world in the form of a business. But for now, its jus my little slice of heaven.

Call me Dizzle



A man shouldn’t have to stamp their “manliness” with the bottom of their fists on the foreheads of “weaker” men, women and children. It is the programming of ages that has left men believing that the fragility of others is reason enough to claim superiority; forgetting that fragility tends to mean that the value is higher and one should handle with the utmost care.

Manhood should be celebrated as part of our existence by all who exist in it.
Given the power in this lifetime, being a man from the age of 21 and older would be instant celebrity status. Young people would greet you on the streets, ask you to sign things and lingering waves would follow you everywhere you go, accompanied with a proud smile, jus because you are man.

Woman of age would be praised as gods, with people instinctively becoming submissive in their presence. Greeting with a bow and avoiding eye contact until they allow you with a gentle raising of the chin as a sign of mutual respect.

As much as that world will ever exist, a key without a door or lock to open is useless.

-Call me Dizzle