Glass Windows

A man’s understanding of who a woman is can be sourced from knowing what her relationship with her mother is like. Knowing her relationship with her
father is more of a window into how a woman would relate to you as a man not understanding herself as a woman. A mothers wrath can change everything. Just a thought…

Oblivious to her tyranny, Thembi’s mother would always resort to her go-to question when trying to digest why her daughter doesn’t like spending time with
her, let alone have comfort in her presence…”What am i doing wrong?”. A question that had become a trap on its own because the truth fueled the
schizophrenic and insecure behaviour that seemed to keep Thembi “at bay” in her eyes. With enough verbal and emotional abuse to paralyze even the
most colourful of spirits…Thembi remained strong. She had a strength her mother may never get to see in her lifetime. A sad truth but a real truth.

– Call me Dizzle


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