Glass Windows

A man’s understanding of who a woman is can be sourced from knowing what her relationship with her mother is like. Knowing her relationship with her
father is more of a window into how a woman would relate to you as a man not understanding herself as a woman. A mothers wrath can change everything. Just a thought…

Oblivious to her tyranny, Thembi’s mother would always resort to her go-to question when trying to digest why her daughter doesn’t like spending time with
her, let alone have comfort in her presence…”What am i doing wrong?”. A question that had become a trap on its own because the truth fueled the
schizophrenic and insecure behaviour that seemed to keep Thembi “at bay” in her eyes. With enough verbal and emotional abuse to paralyze even the
most colourful of spirits…Thembi remained strong. She had a strength her mother may never get to see in her lifetime. A sad truth but a real truth.

– Call me Dizzle


HAPPY 2014


Personally, I am glad 2013 is behind me. The kinds of sharp ups and downs in 2013 were enough to break any man.
When it comes to plans, I have come to the practical conclusion that they are nothing but positively reinforced guidelines, leading you by the hand on your road of purpose
The kind of stress that comes with not being able to stick to one’s plans because of change in circumstances seemingly beyond one’s control and some within that control, is an unnecessary part of what living should be, in my opinion. What 2013 has taught me is that if you are not prepared for change on a mental and emotional level, you end up being a victim of circumstance rather than being a conqueror. In the long run it is easier to expect things to go wrong or change than to believe that nothing will go wrong or change… Plan B becomes an effortless step away from the hindrance, keeping your momentum to greatness.

For my 2014 resolution, I decided to keep it simple considering all of the unnecessaries that have happened. In 2014, I resolve to make it to 2015. This past year has proved to be one that tests every kind of limit to its limit. Whether it be the tolerance for alcohol, friends, family, plans, and even love. “When everything 
changes, change everything”, the title of one of my favourite books. Written by Neale Donald Walsch it has encompassed my need to cope with change and all the aspects that come with it.
A new year can be a restart button to the life you live. At the same time for others it is just a continuation of a life prepared for. If it wasn’t apparent to you, the human race has lost a lot of people last year. Especially during the “silly season” that has just passed. If life isn’t the ultimate goal at the end of any goal you have… then all is lost. I understand that a lot of you are resolving to lose weight, stop smoking, make more money, generally be a better person and have a better life, which is great. I also understand the depression that comes with not making any of those things happen because you either gave up or you were forcibly detoured. At the end of the day, striving for something will never mean that only one road will take you there. The journey to life’s end should be nurtured by one’s self and those around you; making it very important to have the kind of people in your life that will add that kind of value.

I also learned being right is not always the right thing. Some things should be let go; for your sake and for those whose life you share. Not caring is not the 
answer, rather, make something else more important, like someone else’s feelings for example.

In 2013… I boo all the political silliness, I boo all the relationships (friendships, romantic, family etc.) that actually stood a chance but weren’t fought for, 
I boo all the social network terrorists thinking because they can’t be touched they can say anything to anyone. I boo those who had love and destroyed it.

I welcome 2014 with open mind and arms. For me, it has stopped becoming about the right start, it has now become about a good start. This year started with 
this refined notion of love:


Love gives purpose,
love paves direction,
love is beneath the surface of all joyful reflection.

Love brings clarity,
Love builds pride,
love really is the best thing you could ever feel inside.

Love is an awakening,
even when you sleep,
love is the best reason behind why one would weep.

Love IS purpose,
even when derailed,
love is the boldest full-stop behind the detail.

If love was tangible,
Its feel would be indescribable,
even in doubt, love is the one thing that remains undeniable.

What love is, is a measure of being,
and what love does, is the epitome of what seeking is to believing.

I am love,
truth be told,
my love is in existence as long as I am old.

Love is essential,
like words to a meaning,
love is the mental and emotional agreeing.

Without love,
one is an empty vessel,
something that can’t transform moments into a single mega pixel.

love is to be shared,
to all you can find,
love is the reason by which life should be defined.

I leave you with this,
be in love with love,
the kind that affirms the level that is… with something above.